Attendees will have the option to attend up to three workshops during the retreat. 

Friday Evening Session -  4 pm to 6 pm

Provisional Cast on and Grafting with Jen Heinlein

This class was in such high demand last year we are offering it again, but with an extra hour. Join Jen Heinlein, Master Knitter, and learn how to graft your knitting for lovely invisible seams. In this session, learn how to do a crochet provisional cast on, and how to use Kitchener stitch to join the ends of a flat piece of knitting. Materials TBD. 

Cabling without a Hook with Celeste Young

Also back by popular demand! Celeste Young is a Master Knitter and author of Knits of a Feather and Baby & Me Knits. Join her in this session to learn how to knit cables without using a cable needle. This technique will speed up your cable knitting and make it less finicky!  In this class, you will learn this great technique, and practice your new skills using Celeste's Ropes and Rings hat pattern (pattern provided by Celeste). 

Materials: Approx. 150 yards worsted weight yarn (pattern calls for Cascade Sateen Worsted); Size 7 16" circular needles; 6 stitch markers; cable needle (same or smaller size than knitting needle); post-it notes; pencil or pen for taking notes

Darn! Repairs with Ana Campos

So you got a hole in your beautiful hand-knit sweater. Now what? In this class, we will learn two types of darning: visible and invisible. You can apply these techniques to any knitted project, from socks to sweaters. Materials TBD. 

Saturday Morning Session - 9 am to 11 am

Portuguese Knitting with Ana Campos

Back by popular demand! Join Ana Campos, Master Knitter and dyer of Toil & Trouble yarns, and learn how to knit Portuguese style! We will cover two ways to do the Portuguese knit stitch, and the very easy Portuguese purl - all with the flick of your thumb. We will also cover how to do increases and decreases in the Portuguese style. Portuguese knitting is more efficient and easier on your joints, so it can help reduce strain and fatigue. 

Embellish Your Knitting with Lauren Devereaux

Join Lauren Devereaux and add an arsenal of fun embellishing techniques to your repertoire. This class will cover how to add an after-thought pocket, i-cord garment closures, duplicate stitch designs, and embroidery techniques. Use these techniques to add beautiful details and closures to your projects! Materials TBD. 

Beautiful Seams and Finishing with Julia Farwell-Clay

Join Julia Farwell-Clay, designer and sweater expert, and learn how to finish your knits like a pro! As a wielder of the pointy sticks, do you cower before you pick up a single needle with a hole in one end? Let this session convince you that a good mattress stitch is every bit as satisfying (and fun) as a yo k2tog. We'll also look at buckle-free button bands and other tips for elegant finishing. There will be a small amount of knitted homework in the form of two 4" stockinette stitch squares. 

Two-Color Brioche Knitting with Carrie McGowan

Brioche knitting is a technique that creates a lofty, super squishy ribbed fabric. When worked with two colors, it creates beautiful contrasting vertical stripes. In this session, Carrie will offer a refresher on basic brioche, and then teach you the ins and outs of two-color brioche. Before the end of class, you will start a gorgeous two-color brioche cowl. There will be a small amount of knitted homework to be completed prior to class.

Saturday Afternoon Session - 2 pm to 5 pm

Intro to Basket Weaving with Theresa Hlushuk

Join Theresa to create a small oval basket using the “stop and start” method.  This basket is great for holding small items.  You will use reed material from the inner core of the Rattan Vine from the jungles of South East Asia. This class is for any level, no prior basket weaving experience necessary. There will be an additional fee of $10.00 for materials payable to the instructor.

Knit or Crochet Fairy Catchers with Julia Farwell-Clay

A little like Dreamcatchers, Knitted Fairy Catchers are a fun way to display small knitted lace or repurposed swatches, with added beads and bling, nature's treasures found underfoot, ribbons, leftover bits of handspun, or all of the above. Teacher provided materials are all you need for your first. Warning: these are addictive!  Additional Materials fee: $4. 

Illusion Knitting: Concept and Design with Jen Heinlein

Learn how to create designs hidden within stripes! Illusion knitting uses garter ridges, strategically knit in two contrasting colors, to create a hidden picture in your knitting!  We will practice the skills required to accomplish this feat of knitting trickery and learn how to design our own. 

Materials:  Two shades of worsted weight wool in highly contrasting colors for best demonstration of the effect; US size 8 or 9 knitting needles for knitting flat; stitch markers; a pencil; eraser.

Design Your Own Mosaic Motif with Celeste Young

In the first half of this class, you will learn the basics of Mosaic Knitting. In the second half, you will design your own motif and learn how to transform it into your very own cowl design. Mosaic Knitting is a clever colorwork technique that uses slip stitches to create beautiful multi-color designs. Materials TBD.